What's The Story?

Originally released in 2017, What’s The Story? is the passion project of host Ray Elliott, a former magazine fact-checker, who quit his thankless job upon learning that the most popular episode of his favorite show – This American Life – was based on a fabrication. He decides that, at the end of the day, stories are more important than facts, and recruits three other reporters to join him in his effort to uncover “the best version of the truth.”

Focusing on a new theme in each episode, the reporters take turns introducing and playing their pre-recorded segments, followed by in-studio discussions that develop into overarching series plot lines – such as one character's mysterious backstory, another's unrequited love, and everyone's frustration over not getting paid.

In short, it’s a work of fiction about truth, and the sometimes extreme measures we take to find or avoid it. Although we began production long before entering this so-called era of post-truth, we can’t help but note the connection. Nevertheless, we don’t claim to make any profound statement (though if you find one, let us know).